Lights, Camera, Extract: Posing Techniques for
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FREE Photography Posing Masterclass!

Are you ready to elevate your sports photography posing skills to a whole new level?

Child striking a pose with a football for a sports photography session.

Step into the game-changing world of sports photography with our exclusive masterclass on Sports Poses, where you’ll learn how to capture the true essence of athletes through dynamic posing.

Discover the secrets behind powerful setup techniques, from lighting to backdrop choices, and master the art of flow posing across multiple sports, ensuring every shot you take tells a compelling story. Elevate your skills to bring out the best in your sports images. Photographing sports teams has never been easier!

Sessions will cover:

  • Live demo of individual and team poses
  • Top tips for sports lighting, settings, props, and backdrops
  • Tips for extraction and building team composites
  • GotPhoto and Next Gen workflow

Bob Kenward - Our expert for the masterclass on sports photography posing techniques

About Your Posing Masterclass Expert

Bob Kenward is the co-founder and owner of Fluvanna Sports Photography. Based near Charlottesville, Virginia, the business initially focused on action photography but has since expanded to include team and individual photography, becoming the top choice for various athletic events in the area.

Fluvanna Sports Photography prides itself on understanding the unique needs of athletes, teams, and the community, evidenced by their professional approach, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to capturing the spirit and personality of each team they work with.

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Get inspired with posing ideas for several different youth sports, including recreational football, softball, baseball, travel ball, and high school sports.

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