GotPhoto’s new solution for memory mates: Seamless, fast and easy-to-use!

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Top Memory Mate Software for School and Sports Photography

Streamline your sports and school photography workflow with our memory mate software QMate!

  • Easily create templates and generate final images within seconds
  • Suitable for memory mates, banners, magazine covers and school templates
  • Seamlessly integrated with GotPhoto: Automatically pull your photos from a job and export them back!
Start testing QMate by downloading the trial version below!
Purchase the full license key for $299 per year!

Contact our dedicated support team at support@gotphoto.com with any questions regarding to QMate!

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Instructional Videos

QMate Walkthrough

QMate Template Design


Download QMate V1.09!

Enjoy testing QMate!

*Note: You will need to resubmit the form to download the latest version of QMate.

Attention: When downloading or opening the memory mate file, you may receive a warning from your antivirus protection software. This is due to the “low reputation score” which essentially means that the program has not been around for long and is not being used by many people yet. The warning is not based upon the detection of any specific, known threats and it is nothing we can currently change. Nevertheless, we are looking into how we can make the process more smooth for you but until then we kindly ask you to ignore the warnings for now.

Composite Pricing Workflow


We are excited to announce that we recently launched a new composite pricing workflow for proofing! This workflow was built with sports photographers in mind, but is useful for any job with specialized photos and pricing.

Time for change


Less admin work


Happier parents and schools


Satisfaction guaranteed for you or get your money back.*