Transform the way 190 million memories
are captured and delivered

Our Mission

Any photographer can run a successful volume photography business.

Entrepreneurs consistently pursue freedom and flexibility. This is no different in photography where running a successful business means tackling many challenges. Photographers face strong competition to convince customers of their worth against low-cost and free options such as photos on smartphones, while larger established volume photo studios are struggling to move their sales online.

GotPhoto enables studios to be successful by providing them the software tools and knowledge they need. Photographers focus on taking photos and we take care of everything else from managing photo jobs, selling photos, to processing payments and orders.

Our Market

Traditional volume photography hasn’t changed much over the last 50 years: The majority of photos are still sold using paper order forms. This analog approach is tedious for photographers and results in an antiquated buying experience for end customers.

GotPhoto delivers a much better way of doing things. 

Our software platform frees up photographers to focus on taking better and more impactful photos by saving them time normally spent on manual efforts. Plus, parents get to choose and purchase their favorite photos online at their convenience. What does this mean? More smiling faces!

Key Facts

130 million

children photographed

190 million

moments captured


total market size


of photos still sold via paper forms

What We Offer

Benefits of a Zebra

‘Since starting GotPhoto, we have been pursuing an ambitious vision while taking care of our people, our customers, and the whole ecosystem’ – Markus, CEO.

  • A product that transforms the photo industry
  • Profitable business since 2015 and growing ever since
  • Huge market potential worldwide
  • We focus on sustainable and responsible growth

A strong workplace family

We are a close team that supports each other as we all work towards a common goal. We speak the truth, acknowledge mistakes, share advice, help each other, and celebrate successes. What else do we offer?

  • Honesty and integrity as core values
  • Buddy program for fast integration of employees
  • Yearly visit to our German Headquarters in Berlin

A product that drives change

At GotPhoto we have built a product and service that makes the life of photographers easier and simpler. We are happy that this not only affects our photographers but also establishments and parents that work with our photographers.

See what our customers are saying about us and why we have a Net Promoter Score of 65.

“Being a part of GotPhoto has been an enriching experience for me. The inclusive and empowering work culture fosters a sense of belonging and encourages professional and personal growth. I love being on a team that positively impacts the photography world, perfectly aligning with my career goals and personal values.”

Elena Sergiampietri
Product Manager

Our Journey

It’s been a true entrepreneurial journey. We have been busy testing, learning, and evolving in the past years as we make progress and advance the company. What started off as a small startup in Germany has now turned into one of the most important brands in the school photography industry worldwide. Today, we have found our niche and are just getting started!

2013 – Investors

  • Opened an office in Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • High-profile business angels join the venture, such as Florian Heinemann, Christian Vollmann, Saarbruecker21
  • Online sales system targeted at wedding, event, studio, and school photographers

2015 – Profitability

  • Moved to a larger office in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
  • Reached profitability and became market leader in Germany
  • Launched the international brand GotPhoto in UK, FR and AT targeted specifically at school photographers

2016 – Pivot

  • Growing fast in segments of event and school photography
  • Changed market focus to address large enterprise customers in school photography

2017 – Refine

  • Extended market focus on enterprise and SMB customers in school & preschool photography. We have finally found our niche!

2018 – Scale

  • 1 million orders went through our software worldwide this year
  • We are the current market leader in Europe and hold a market share in 15 different countries worldwide

2019 – USA

  • Hired colleague #50. We are currently the biggest team in our industry worldwide!
  • Opened an office in New York in the summer
  • Founded GotPhoto, Inc.
  • Continuing to grow each year!

Current Openings