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QID Card

Providing ID cards to schools quickly and easily can be the difference when it comes to winning new accounts and holding onto existing ones. With QID Card it has never been easier to offer this valuable service to schools.

Please note that we are currently working on a new improved version of QID Card. The old version will no longer be supported for new users. If you are an existing user of QID, please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Benefits of QID Card

  • Simple and easy workflow
    QID Card is a simple and efficient software for creating ID cards quickly and easily, meaning you can focus on your photography and making sales.
  • Great product to offer existing and new accounts
    Offering ID cards can be a dealbreaker for many clients, so having an easy means of providing this service is crucial.
  • Works seamlessly with GotPhoto
    Export the student data, import into QID Card, design your card, and send them back to the client. It’s that easy!

How It Works

Dom Bryant demonstrates the simple steps behind using QID Card with GotPhoto.

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Less admin work


Happier parents and schools


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