Master All Markets with Online Sales

– Webinar –

Co-sponsored with Richmond Pro Lab

October 13 at 1pm ET


Many volume photographers are looking to streamline their business and expand into new markets, but aren’t sure how they can accomplish this with their current resources and staffing.

In this webinar, host Chris Garner, expert photographer and founder of TPS Photography, will be talking about how he is able to manage photographing multiple markets with the help of online sales. Chris is a third-generation photographer with over 20 years of experience and operates a successful volume school, sports, and seniors photography business. Learn from his insights and expertise in this free online event!

Topics that will be covered:

  • Chris’ professional background
  • Managing a business with work in multiple areas (schools, sports, seniors)
  • Tips for branching out into new markets
  • Benefits and results from online sales vs. traditional methods
  • Q&A
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