Group Pictures in 2020: A QuickComposite Guide

Watch the recording.

Join GotPhoto’s integration manager Matt Scoggin as he introduces the new QuickComposite software designed to help you produce group photos easily, quickly, and safely.

Matt is also joined by professional photographer Heather Crowder of Heather Crowder Photography Studios as she shares her thoughts on the importance of group photos, how they can help secure existing and new accounts, and what she thinks of the new software.

In this webinar Matt and Heather will be discussing:

  • How the QuickComposite Software works
  • The importance of group photos and quick composites
  • The benefits of using the software
  • Any questions you may have!

Download QuickComposite

Discover more about QuickComposite! Find out more, download the demo and begin making group photos in no time.