Multi Pose Shooting & Selling More Photos with Erica Morrow

Shooting multiple poses is key to selling photos online successfully. In this webinar, Erica Morrow will talk about how she structures her shoots in order to capture various unique expressions. She will also touch upon packages and set up within GotPhoto and take the time to answer any questions you might have. Sign up now!

UPDATE: We are aware that most shoots are currently on hold due to the ongoing Corona crisis. However, we feel it’s best to still provide you with useful material about how you can optimize your school photography in anticipation of schools opening again in the long run. Let’s use this time and make sure we have an even better Fall Season 2020.

Erica Morrow, owner of Slow Road Photo is a family and student portrait photographer in Minneapolis, MN. She is always on the hunt for honesty, joyful family moments, and beautiful natural light.

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