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What’s the Best Sales Method for My Business?

Between prepay, proofing, and Prepay+, you have multiple sales method options to deliver the best experience for your customers. At GotPhoto, we offer all 3 sales methods! You choose which method (or combination of methods) works best for your business.


Proofing can be a huge selling point for many accounts. Most parents love being able to go online to see their child’s photos and choose which ones to purchase.


  • Higher order value
  • Multipose selling
  • Customer experience → Parents can see what they are buying. When they see great photos, they might buy more!
  • Upselling


  • Lower buy rate
  • Uncertain number of orders
  • Photo quality


Many schools and sports or dance teams are not interested in proofing and only want to prepay since that is how they have ordered pictures for years. Also, some people may not have easy access to the internet.


  • Cash upfront
  • Higher buy rate due to deadline urgency
  • Many schools are used to this method


  • Lower average order value
  • Single pose
  • Low or no customer experience

Prepay+ : What is it?

Prepay+ combines the best of prepay and proofing into one workflow.

This solution benefits both the photographer and the parent by letting the photographer offer prepaid packages to parents, allowing the parents to proof and select their prepaid images. On top of that, photographers can allow those who missed out on the original prepay phase to have a chance to order again once proofs are posted to the Prepay+ store!

How it works:

  1. Parents place prepay orders for packages before picture day
  2. Picture Day: Utilize QR tagging or barcode scanning to photograph your subjects
  3. Upload your photos to your GotPhoto account!

Once pictures are uploaded to the system, the proofing phase can start.

Start by sending out communication (using GotPhoto communication profiles) to parents who have prepaid, letting them know that they can now choose their child’s pose (or multiple poses). Parents may also buy extra prints at this time, increasing your sales per student!

For parents that didn’t pay beforehand, you can make their photos live and ready to view and buy.

Tip: Sales can be boosted by sending emails or texts to parents when it’s time to order and when time is running out. You can even extend your sell-by date to give parents a new urgency to buy.


Pros of Prepay+:

  • Cash upfront
  • High order rate
  • Urgency to purchase
  • Customer experience
  • High order value
  • Upselling

At GotPhoto, we offer all 3 sales methods to give you the best chance at booking accounts. Choosing a sales method ultimately depends on what works best for your market(s).

We created this in-depth webinar with GotPhoto CEO, Benedikt Greifenhofer, and volume photographer, Tim Macdonald, to give you more insight into each sales method.

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Tips for Choosing a Sales Method:

Understand the age group you photograph:

  • Younger kids normally have better average order value with Proofing
  • Older kids have a better performance with Prepay

Understand what you are good at:

  • Amazing photographers who are not as strong at operations can try proofing
  • Photographers who are strong in operations but less creative can try prepay

Discuss with your accounts:

  • Some only want to prepay because they have been using prepay for years
  • Some accounts require proofing for parents to have choices
  • Some accounts will be impressed by the combination of Prepaying along with Proofing and will want to try the new Prepay+!

Ready to discuss which method works best for your business?

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