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Are you ready to elevate your Photography Lighting skills to a whole new level?

Join our exclusive online masterclass designed specifically for school and sports photographers! Our expert-led course will help you master the art of photography lighting techniques to capture stunning photos, regardless of whether you’re inside an auditorium or out on the field.

Learn how you can set up photography lights to make picture day a success, discover the best lights for portrait photography, and much more in this photography lighting masterclass!

This comprehensive course is more than just learning; it’s about empowering you to create visually captivating images that leave a lasting impact. So why wait? Join us now and start your journey towards becoming a lighting expert in the field of school and sports photography.

Sessions will cover:

  • Volume School Photography Lighting Techniques
  • Volume Sports Photography Lighting Techniques
  • Building A Light and Easy-To-Transport Inventory
  • Your Must-Haves For Success

Tim Macdonald

About Your Lighting Masterclass Expert

Tim Macdonald, owner of Image Art Studio in Glen Rock, NJ, has over 15 years of experience in school, sports, and event photography, capturing more than 35,000 subjects each year.

With his extensive experience in volume photography in a variety of settings, he knows what lighting tools are needed to achieve excellence in every photo.

Tim is an frequent featured speaker at photography events across the country, including Imaging USA and GotPhoto’s Summer Camp.

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Topics covered include:

  • Acquisition and Communication to Schools and Parents
  • Advanced Lighting Techniques and Posing
  • Editing and Post-Processing Workflow
  • Business Tips

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