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We work every day to make life easier for school and volume photographers. That’s why nothing makes us happier than hearing our customers’ success stories about how much GotPhoto has helped their business grow.

Take a look at some select reviews from photographers like you, and hear how they were able to earn more revenue, save time and grow their businesses.

“Since we started with GotPhoto our workflow has become constant, and easy. The time it has freed up for us to focus on photographing, generating more accounts, and letting our online storefront provide our customers with a seamless experience, has been invaluable. We photograph almost 1000 HS Seniors, and 30,000 elementary, middle, underclass students, and would not be able to do this without GotPhoto. We choose which jobs will be handled by a professional lab, and which jobs we can handle in-house. From packages to prints, gifts to instant downloads – it provides everything for our customers and lets them have full control.”

Tim Macdonald
Image Art Studio, NJ

Switching to GotPhoto has been a game changer! My workflow is now 1% of what it used to be, I can serve more schools with the same amount of staff, and by offering multiple poses to parents, I keep them satisfied with no extra work on my end. With online proofing, I increased the average revenue per head photographed by 22% in just the first year alone.

Stephanie McCauley
iSmile Studios

Keith Tippitt

“After comparing various online systems for volume photography, we’ve found that GotPhoto is by far the system with the best usability — both for parents and our team.”

Wonder Years Portraits, TN

Lois Alberts

“GotPhoto did exactly what we expected, in that we were able to successfully move most of our seniors from in-person sales to online sales. Significantly less staff and less time were involved to sell them online. My time is the most valuable thing to me, and using GotPhoto freed up a lot of my time over the summer to work on other aspects of my business… or to go on vacation!”

G Michael Photography, TX

Scott LeBaron

“GotPhoto offers a great solution for high-volume photographers like myself. It manages my workflow meaning I can concentrate on the artistic side of photography instead of the technical administrative duties. I’m a bit of a technophobe but GotPhoto is easy to navigate for both me and my customers. GotPhoto excels in customer service. The team is always on hand to advise me and help me grow my photography business.”

LeBaron Photography, CO

“GotPhoto’s interface is easy to use, with FAQs and walkthroughs available if you get stuck. Their customer service is excellent, from a personalized set up experience to swift follow-ups on questions or requests.”

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Erica Morrow,

Slow Road Photo

Tim Macdonald,

Image Art Studio

Larissa Lord,

Larissa Lord Photography

Stephanie McCauley,

iSmile Studio

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