At GotPhoto you are surrounded by colleagues who constantly leave their comfort zone, think two steps ahead, and put an emphasis on working as a team.

Our Leadership Team

Benedikt Greifenhofer
CEO GotPhoto US/CA

With a strong vision for growth, Benedikt kick-started GotPhoto in the US market . He is responsible for the strategic and organizational orientation of this company and ensures the overall success of this business.

Christoph Ebhart
Head of Sales

Christoph is responsible for shaping our sales organisation and scaling GotPhotos’ revenue to the next level. He is excited by selling into this new market, planning our growth strategy, negotiating complex deals and beating the competition in head to head opportunities.

Matthew Scoggin
Head of Operations US/CA

Matt is responsible for growing and strengthening our lab partner relationships. He loves that each relationship presents unique and interesting challenges to solve.

Jana Volmer
Head of Marketing US/CA

Jana is our expert for anything and everything to do with online marketing. She is responsible for our SEA and display campaigns, amongst other things. She particularly values being part of a company who hold the product so close to their hearts.

Xenia Käpernick
Team Lead Customer Success US/CA

Xenia helps our international customers with technical questions with her 24/7 optimism. She finds the best solutions and enjoys working in such a great support team.

Our Business Operations Team

Karen D. Sweet
VP of Business Development US/CA

Karen is responsible for growing the US&C market. She is customer focused. She loves developing the partnership between the customer and Got Photo, growing the customers business and reducing their cost structure. Classic cars are her passion.

Michael Baird
VP Business Development US/CA

Michael is driving a path to connect the right products, clients, partners and services together. Developing long-standing relationships with customers and partners is especially important to him.

Nicole Kovach
Technical Integration US/CA

Nicole is responsible for onboarding new GotPhoto photographers and lab partners, ensuring they are set up for success. She loves that her job involves both a deep technical knowledge of the platform, as well as the opportunity to work with creative people.

Matthew Lassiter
Sales US/CA

Matthew is our front man for the US market. He helps new customers achieve their goals with one-to-one chats and is never happier than when our customers are satisfied.

Aidan Connor

I first became interested in GotPhoto because of my love for photography. I am helping GotPhoto becoming successful in the United States by getting in touch with potential new photography clients.

Jeremiah Salmonson

I choose GotPhoto as it represented what and where I wanted to be because of the product and culture. I am focusing on growing our customer base through getting in touch with potential new photography clients.

Stephanie Umpierre
Customer Success US/CA

Steph decided to join GotPhoto because of the enthusiasm expressed by each person she spoke to throughout my interview process. She is taking care that each of your new photographer clients is being onboarded successfully.

Melissa Rojas
Customer Successs US/CA

Originally from Queens, Mel joined GotPhoto to steer all internal and external stakeholders to onboard our customers to GotPhoto and continuously improve their performance.

Nixon Vang
Customer Success US/CA

Nixon is helping photographers become more efficient and confident with Gotphoto and enjoys learning new skill sets from his peers.

Lena Berding
Global Branding

Brand management is Lena’s passion. As Brand Manager, she defines the brand strategy and helps all teams to implement it.

Dominic Bryant
Marketing Manager

Born in England, Dom manages all social media for GotPhoto and contributes to developing the various different ideas for spreading GotPhoto’s brand.

Sarah Z.
Junior Marketing Manager

Sarah assists the US Marketing team in a variety of different areas, including content creation, social media management, and webinar planning.

Laura Dewitz
Global Finance

As Finance Manager, Laura ensures that our numbers are always correct. Born in Berlin, she loves dogs, making music and learning languages

Ana Walka
Global HR

Ana is responsible from first touch point with candidates interested to work for GotPhoto, guiding them through the recruitment process and ensuring that new employees integrate smoothly into the GotPhoto team.

Our Engineering Team

Marco Beinbrech

Marco heads our software development team and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The enthusiastic Wedding photographers personally cares about making the photographer more successfulevery day.

Thomas Berszieck
Head of Product Management

Together with the Product Team, Thomas forms the interface between the internal departments and the in-house development team and makes sure that our website is optimized according to your needs.

Kristof Gatter
Product Design Lead

Kristof is helping us revolutionize the industry with his expertise in Product Design. He loves to engage with people on topics about politics, pop culture and tech. NY pepperoni pizza and cars are his favorite

Ottilia Kelemen
Product Designer

Our UX designer from Budapest ensures that our users are satisfied. Her passion for art, painting and illustrations made her change a career in UX Design, which she finds the best decision of her life.

Anne Nadolny
QA Engineer

As the newest member of our development team, Anne tests the inner working of our software and makes sure that our system runs bug-free!

Gustav Wellner Bou
Senior DevOps Engineer

Gustav is our software developer. Originally from Spain, he makes sure that your photos are safe, that your shop works reliably, and that our system constantly develops further.

Ilkka Pale
Senior Software Engineer

Ilkka continuously improves our website and develops new features. Originally from Finland, developing high-quality software in such a small and enthusiastic team makes his day.

Ivan Toth
Senior Software Engineer

Ivan’s know-how helps us to improve our system. The passionate programmer came to GotPhoto from Croatia to become a member of our team!

Franz Wegener
Senior Developer

Franz always has an open ear for questions and suggestions about our software. Our Senior Developer enjoys making music, likes cats and owls, and finds bananas in every form absolutely offensive.

Software Engineer

Basit found us from Kashmir and decided to join our team to support us as Software Engineer. He was attracted by our supportive culture. He likes wazwan (Kashmiri food), global politics and the sitcom Seinfeld.

Plinio Almeida
Software Engineer

The native Brazilian supports our software team with his expertise and is happy to be part of a small, international team.

Working at GotPhoto

Do you want to be a part of the exciting journey of an ambitious and successful startup? Do you want to master exciting challenges every day with a great dynamic and achieve more in an international day? Then we need you!