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The GotPhoto Team

At GotPhoto you are surrounded by colleagues who constantly leave their comfort zone, think two steps ahead, and put an emphasis on working as a team.

Our Leadership Team

  • Benedikt

    With a strong vision for growth, Benedikt launched GotPhoto in the US/CA market. He is responsible for the strategic and organizational orientation of GotPhoto and ensures the overall success of the business.

  • Jana
    Head of Marketing

    Jana is responsible for everything marketing-related. With her team, she works on bringing photographers and GotPhoto together. She particularly values being part of a company that offers a product that really supports people and their businesses.

  • Xenia
    Team Lead Knowledge & Quality

Our Business Operations Team

  • Sebastian
    Customer Success

  • Terry
    Customer Success

  • Rémi
    Senior Graphic Designer

    Originally from France, Rémi takes care of our corporate identity and creates all types of materials needed to expand our branding.

  • Karen
    VP of Business Development

    Karen is responsible for growing the US&C market.  She loves developing the partnership between photographers and Got Photo, growing customers’ business, and reducing their cost structure. Classic cars are her passion.

  • Michael
    VP of Business Development

    Michael is on a mission to connect the right products, clients, partners, and services together so that everyone succeeds. Developing long-standing relationships with customers and partners is particularly important to him.

  • Aidan

    Aidan became interested in joining GotPhoto because of his love for photography. As the first point of contact for potential new clients, Aidan plays a key role in forging positive relationships between GotPhoto and photographers, and ensuring both parties succeed.

  • Jeremiah

    Jeremiah was drawn to GotPhoto because it represented what and where I wanted to be because due to the excellent product and fantastic team culture. Jeremiah focuses on growing the GotPhoto customer base by getting in touch with potential new photography clients.

  • Melissa
    Customer Success

    Originally from Queens, Melissa helps existing GotPhoto photographers maximize their earning potential using the platform. Melissa consistently offers helpful tips, ideas, and solutions for how photographers can improve their performance and is often one of the first voices you will hear on the phone.

  • Matt
    Knowledge & Quality

  • Nixon
    Customer Success

    Nixon is helping photographers become more efficient and confident when using GotPhoto and enjoys learning new skill sets from his peers.

  • Nicole
    Technical Integration Manager

    Nicole is responsible for onboarding new GotPhoto photographers and lab partners, ensuring they are set up for success. She loves that her job involves both a deep technical knowledge of the platform, as well as the opportunity to work with creative people.

  • Chris O.
    Technical Integration Manager

    Chris is our integration expert and responsible for establishing close relationships with both our photographers and our lab partners. He decided to join GotPhoto so he could drive for more continuous improvement and client satisfaction in the volume photography market.

  • Sarah
    Junior Marketing Manager

    Sarah assists the US Marketing team in a variety of different areas, including content creation, social media management, and webinar planning.

  • Laura
    Global Finance

    As Finance Manager, Laura ensures that our numbers are always correct. Born in Berlin, she loves dogs, making music and learning languages

  • Ana
    Talent Partner

    Ana is the first touchpoint for candidates who are interested in working for GotPhoto. She guides them through the recruitment process and ensures that new employees are integrated smoothly into the GotPhoto team.

Product & Tech Team

  • Vadim
    Head of Engineering

    Vadim is responsible for our Engineering Team and supports our company in strategic topics regarding our platform.

  • Ferdinand
    Frontend Engineer

  • Walid
    Senior Backend Engineer

    Walid is a senior developer from Tunisia, he is working on the back-end services that power the website. He also likes volunteering in local communities

  • Franz

    Franz always has an open ear for questions and suggestions about our software. Our Senior Developer enjoys making music, likes cats and owls, and finds bananas in every form absolutely offensive.

  • Ivan
    Senior Software Engineer

    Ivan’s know-how helps us to improve our system. The passionate programmer came to GotPhoto from Croatia to become a member of our team!

  • Ilkka
    Senior Software Engineer

    Ilkka continuously improves our website and develops new features. Originally from Finland, developing high-quality software in such a small and enthusiastic team makes his day.

  • Anne
    QA Engineer

    Anne tests the inner working of our software and makes sure that our system runs bug-free!

  • Ottilia
    User Experience Designer

    Our UX designer from Budapest ensures that our users are satisfied. Her passion for art, painting and illustrations made her change a career in UX Design, which she finds the best decision of her life.

  • Marco

    Marco leads our software development and makes sure the wheels keep turning at GotPhoto. Spending everyday making photographers’ lives easier and their careers more successful inspires this wedding photographer.

Working for GotPhoto

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