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Seniors Photography

Make the most of your contract seniors business with an optimized workflow and sales approach

Photo Credits: Andrew Vernon

Everything in One Place

Keep Organized

GotPhoto lets you keep multiple photo shoots from multiple locations over several weeks, all in one place. Yearbook selection pictures from each individual senior can also be linked back into one place, which makes providing this information to school as easy as ever!

How It Works



Use QR codes or barcode scanning to sort photos automatically into individual galleries upon upload in GotPhoto. Combine multiple photo shoots across multiple days into one job. Capture in different places in school and in studio and keep it organized with GotPhoto’s magic.

Marketing Campaigns & Contact details capture on site

Capture Email and Cell Phone number on shoot day from the seniors by scanning QR Codes on site. Set up email and text messages with event triggers to notify parents when photos are online and remind them of coupon and order deadlines.

Sell effectively with a modern store front

Build your own multipose packages and use our effective upselling on poses and downloads to increase your average sale.


Once a successful order has been place, it will be automatically transferred to a partner lab or to yourself via self-fulfillment. You can either drop or bulk ship to the school or let parents order directly to their homes.

Features for Seniors Photography

Yearbook Data Export

Create your yearbook data export easily and directly within our system. This is a must-have item for most contract senior photographers!

Workflow Versatility

However you run your seniors business, it’s possible with GotPhoto!

We support different types of workflow options, such as pre-registration, seating fees, studio appointment integration, online proofing, or a combination of these methods!

Tiered Coupons

Order values for senior pictures are relatively high compared to other school segments. Use tiered discounts to increase purchase size and incentivize spending.

Yearbook Selection

Parents can select their child’s preferred yearbook photo in the online shop from your pre-approved set of images. Then, you can export all individual yearbook selections from one job to send to the school. Administrators and yearbook staff love this!

Retouching Workflow

GotPhoto enables you to sell retouching and stop the auto fulfillment for a moment to retouch the pictures.

“Seniors love being able to easily choose their yearbook image right inside their photo gallery, and we love how easy it is to deliver those choices to our schools!”

Stephanie McCauley
iSmile Studios

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Less admin work


Happier parents and schools


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