Picture Day Flyer

We want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to make picture day a success. Our exclusive Picture Day Flyer template keep parents in the know about the picture day and photo purchasing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for everyone involved.

Assure parents by informing them of the safety measures you are taking due to COVID-19, and let them know how they can buy with a completely hands-off approach. This is crucial if you want to increase your sales this upcoming season.

Picture-Day-Poster-Template copie

What elements should you include? And why?

  • Your company logoThis branding makes sure parents remember your studio and sets you apart from competitors 
  • Your own example photos – Another form of branding that gets parents excited about what to expect with their child’s photos
  • The picture day date – One of the most important things you want them to know!
  • The key steps for the picture day and purchasing processAs this picture day is different than ones from years past, let everyone know how to prepare and give basic steps they can follow. 
  • Your shop URL and login info – Another must-add! Parents need to know where they can log-in to view their child’s photos in order to purchase.

Free Download

The download includes a customizable Photoshop template.

Please note you need Photoshop to edit this file. 

Ways to Make Your Flyer Stand Out

Promotion Ideas

  • With GotPhoto it’s easy! Simply upload all the parents’ contact information into the system and then create a newsletter to send the picture day poster to them.
  • Ask the schools to send out the email for you to their database.
  • Print the poster and put it up in the school.
  • Promote it in parent Facebook groups of the school.
  • Important: start advertising for picture day as soon as you can!

Design Tips

  • Make sure to stick to your branding for consistency
  • Don’t overload with text – include all the relevant information but keep it brief and fun
  • Follow the four eyes principle: always have a second person look it over to make sure all information is legible
  • Keep it catchy!
  • Format as a link to a PDF for easy downloads, and as a JPEG/PNG to include in emails.

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