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Dance Photography

Multiple poses, costumes, and dates? No problem
– it’s all in one place.

Photo Credit: Sheryl Bashore

Offer Full Flexibility

Charge Per Costume and Dance

Give parents an easy and enjoyable shopping experience where they can pick their favorite poses, costumes, and photos across multiple picture dates. Use prepay or proofing – there are no limits to your business!

How It Works


Multiple Selling Options

Sell your images using either prepay, online proofing, or a combination of the two. It’s up to you!


Photograph students using QR cards or barcode scanning. Photos will automatically sort into individual galleries upon upload into GotPhoto.


Let parents know when their child’s photos are available online or remind them to purchase with email and text message notifications.


Your orders are automatically transferred to a partner lab or you can produce the photos in-house using self-fulfillment.

Features for Dance Photography

Multi-Poses, Costumes, Dates

Support multi-pose, multi-costume, and multi-day photo shoots easily! QR or barcode scanning brings everything together in one place.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Set up communication profiles and have email/text messages sent directly to parents, based on event triggers. Let parents know when photos are available in their shop and remind them of coupon and order deadlines.

Integrated Labs

GotPhoto is partnered with many labs meaning you can offer gift items, print products, and easy delivery methods such as bulk or drop shipping.

Individual Password Protected Galleries

Offer secure and private galleries for each child you photograph.

Easy and Modern Online Shop

Parents can navigate the ordering process easily in your online shop, plus you can offer upselling and discount opportunities to further increase sales.

“Switching to GotPhoto has been a game changer for my business. I do composites, which are easy to incorporate into GotPhoto’s time-saving workflow!

Plus, by selling online, my sales have doubled, sometimes even tripled!”

Sheryl Bashore
Sheryl Z Photography

Time for change


Less admin work


Happier parents and schools


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