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Bringing Barcode Scanning to Volume Photography

No more manual organizing and tagging photos – Simply scan and shoot!

ENTAGGED Device in use Play video

Benefits of Barcode Scanning

  • Simple and easy to use
    Attach the ENTAGGED device to your camera, scan the relevant barcode, and begin photographing. It’s that easy!
  • Scan and save the barcode in the metadata of each photo
    Each barcode is saved in the metadata of photos. Simply scan and photograph in sequence.
  • No need for manual organizing and tagging post-shoot
    Save precious hours every picture day and when you are back at the office.
  • Bluetooth technology and free ENTAGGED app
    Makes scanning and photographing quick and easy.

Buy Your ENTAGGED Device

Please choose your ENTAGGED device carefully as there are different models for different cameras. You can check the compatibility chart here and which barcode scanner you may need.

Your ENTAGGED device will be shipped by our team within a week of ordering and the expected delivery time following this is 2-3 business days.

While you wait for the delivery you can:


How ENTAGGED works

How It Works

1. SET UP YOUR JOB: Use GotPhoto to prepare for a job. Upload a names list, generate QR cards, and choose your marketing preferences.

2. SHOOT WITH ENTAGGED: Attach the device to your camera, connect to the ENTAGGED app and scan the first code using either your phone or an optional barcode scanner. After successfully recognizing the code you can begin photographing the student, then scanning the next code and continue this process in sequence.

3. UPLOAD PHOTOS AND LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN: Upload your photos to GotPhoto and watch your online galleries build themselves in seconds. The photo metadata is used to automatically assign the right picture to the right person.

4. PARENTS ORDER: Switch your job to selling and watch the orders fly in.

5. LABS FULFILL: Once an order is placed, it’s automatically transmitted to your lab for production.

Want more details on how barcode scanning works with GotPhoto? Read the FAQ article in our HelpCenter by clicking below.

Please note ENTAGGED is a product developed by Foolography and we are unable to offer direct support for the device. If you require support, you can read the full manual here or contact Foolography directly. 

Michael Strauss

“The speed difference is huge. It’s fewer pictures to take and it matches up almost every time. It really helps to do barcode scanning.”

Michael Strauss – Strauss Studios

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