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– For Volume Photographers –

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Save the date: July 20-24th, 2020

Are you doing volume photography and want to move your business to the next level? Join us for our Virtual Summer Camp and get ready to learn from an amazing group of expert photographers, the team at GotPhoto, and other attendees.

Build Your Own Experience!

Our summer camp is fully customizable, meaning you can select the topics and speakers that interest you most. Group sizes with our expert speakers will be limited to five people, so you can learn as much as possible.

New price: Only $99!

Due to the current crisis, we decided to adjust the original price of $249. We have also decided to extend the June offer for $99 onward. We understand that this is a difficult time for many, and we want to ensure that this knowledge opportunity is accessible to as many photographers as possible.

Plus, if you are a current customer or create an account with us after registering for the summer camp, you are eligible for a $50 credit to your GotPhoto account! This offer is not redeemable for cash.

What do you get?


Our Speakers

Tim Macdonald

Rose Coleman

Matthew Kemmetmueller

Timmy Coleman

Erica Morrow

Chris Wunder

Stephanie McCauley

Tim Macdonald is the owner of Image Art Studio, the premier, full-service school photography studio in northern New Jersey. Dealing with thousands of students and athletes every year, he makes sure each shot gets the special attention it deserves by always staying on top of his game with his photography and workflow. Tim is an experienced GotPhoto user since 2018, and has converted almost half of his school accounts to GotPhoto because of the success in sales and automated workflows. He has also mastered many types of events including Commencement Ceremonies, Fashion Fundraisers, Onsite Event Photography, Proms, HS Sports and more – all while utilizing GotPhoto.

As a second generation photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Rose Coleman lives and breathes photography. Rose is the co-owner of Center Stage Photos, a sports photography company she started in 2016 with her husband Timmy. Based in Oklahoma, the pair travel around the U.S. photographing sports teams and clubs. At home on their ranch in Central Oklahoma, the two spend time with their 3 kids and work on finishing their own studio on the property.

If you’re doing volume photography, you have probably heard of “The Body”. If not – now is the time!
Matthew Kemmetmueller, AKA “The Body” has known photography all his life, learning from his father at Kemmetmueller Photography and eventually taking over the studio in 2010. Today, Matthew is known widely as an expert for volume photography. He hosts a lively Facebook group on the topic, holds his own classes, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. Use your chance to talk to “The Body” about marketing to and acquiring schools, as well as growing your business.

Timmy Coleman is the other half to Center Stage Photos, and on top of his duties as a photographer, he is regarded as the superstar of connecting with accounts and bookings. Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is a cornerstone of their business, and Timmy makes sure the service element of Center Stage Photos is as high-quality as the photos themselves.

Erica Morrow is the owner and lead photographer at Slow Road Photo. She and her team take school portraits that capture children with honesty and heart, and also offer playful and gentle-spirited newborn and family sessions. With her unique approach, Erica proves that you can bring a boutique photo experience to the volume segment. If you want to talk about how to capture the best expressions in preschoolers, then book your session with Erica at our summer camp. She is also your go-to person if you are interested in learning all about how to use your branding and marketing to win over new schools and delight the families you serve.

With his 35+ year volume photography career, Chris Wunder has become one of the most recognized names in the industry. He has owned and operated a large multi-state, high-volume photography business, has been a corporate executive for a national, mass-market School & Sports photography company (CEO of PortraitEFX, a Photography Franchise Corporation), and is now the Executive Director of Volume Imaging Professionals, LLC. He’s a popular and experienced speaker at various events, and also created the School & Sports Photography Boot Camps which GotPhoto happily sponsors and supports. Chris is the expert for school bids and business acquisition, as well as pricing and promotional planning.

Stephanie is the owner of iSmile Studios in Upstate New York.
After working for many years in a studio setting, her work has expanded to predominantly natural light location photography and capturing stylized indoor sessions. At our summer camps, Stephanie is happy to talk to you about her experiences switching from prepay to proofing, as well as outdoor vs. indoor shooting, set ups and different job scenarios with GotPhoto.

The GotPhoto Team




As CEO of GotPhoto Inc., Benedikt is the expert for anything business related. His extensive knowledge about finance, business planning, and negotiations, as well as his analytical and curious mindset, make him the ideal sparring partner if you want to grow your business.

Michael has been with GotPhoto for several years. During that time he has gained valuable insights into the volume photography industry globally. He brings this experience into the US market always making sure to connect the right products, clients, partners and services.

Jana is responsible for Marketing at GotPhoto and always happy to exchange ideas about projects with our photographers. She is also the person you want to talk to if you are interested in learning more about Online Marketing in general, or even more specifically paid and unpaid Social Media Marketing.

Participating Lab Partners

Other Partners


Are the classes going to be recorded?

Absolutely. The classes will be recorded and the on-demand version will be available to you at no additional cost if you bought a ticket for the summer camp. If you are interested in buying the recordings of classes after the event, and did not buy a ticket for the summer camp, they will be available for purchase for $150.
Note: We will not be recording the individual consultation sessions as these are meant to be a safe space for you and your peers to discuss your business.

Yes. The archive will be for sale for $150.

Everyone who bought a ticket to the summer camp will receive a $50 credit into your GotPhoto account, as well as one $50 voucher for a participating lab of your choice. There will also be some door prizes.

Currently, the participating labs are Marathon, Richmond, Alkit, H+H, Ark la Tex, and Yves Thomas (CA).

There are several advantages to joining the live event rather than just watching the recordings. First and foremost, the personal consultation sessions will only be available to attend during the event and will not be recorded. These sessions are a great opportunity to get advice and input from our guest speakers for your specific business needs. The presentations will also have a Q&A portion where you can ask questions regarding what was discussed. Lastly, attending live means you can network and chat with fellow volume photographers.

No, the first ticket will cost $99. For each additional ticket, you will only need to pay $49. If you are interested in this please contact us at for a special voucher code. However, please be aware that each studio only qualifies for one GotPhoto credit and one lab voucher.

We will do some minor editing and will work on getting the recordings online as soon as possible after the summer camp has ended.

You buy your tickets through Eventbrite at With this ticket you will also get access to the online event landing page where we will host all classes and individual sessions.

In addition to all of the various volume photography topics that will be covered in the talks, what is special about our Summer Camp in particular are the consultation sessions. There, you can get feedback about your particular business and situation on topics that are of interest to you. The guest speakers are not just business people, but also photographers themselves. They understand the industry and know the challenges and dilemmas that volume photographers face.