GotPhoto Enterprise

Modernize photo sales, future-proof your school photography business

Two ways to use GotPhoto

We built GotPhoto with the flexibility to grow and evolve with the customer. Learn about the ways our customers are using GotPhoto.

Cloud-based workflow system + leading online shop

Adopt a new online workflow and say goodbye to the myriad of disconnected software tools. Handle everything from one cloud-based platform.

  • Improve productivity and increase accuracy of your team’s work
  • Benefit from the constantly growing number of features built on top of our cloud solution
  • Create proof cards and order forms directly from GotPhoto
  • Impress the schools and parents with a modern sales approach
Leading online shop

Integrate GotPhoto’s advanced online shop with the workflow you’re already using. Keep your current investments without compromising on a modern sales approach.

  • Increase revenue from online photo sales with your GotPhoto shop
  • Integrate with your existing workflow software: PhotoLynx, Timestone, and more
  • Process proof cards as usual and use GotPhoto to sell online
  • Simply export photos to us and import orders back into your system

“Since working with GotPhoto, we have seen a substantial revenue increase within our underclass and senior photography business. We couldn’t be happier with the results and the support offered by the team at GotPhoto.”

– Nathan Dunn
Oklahoma School Pictures

“After comparing various online systems for volume photography, we’ve found that GotPhoto is by far the system with the best usability — both for parents and our team.”

– Keith Tippitt
Wonder Years Portraits

Future-proof your business

GotPhoto combines innovative technology and
new business ideas to take school photography to new levels

Better customer acquisition

Acquiring schools for business can be hard. We are building services that reduce the stress for schools, which in turn will give you better sales arguments over your competition.

Cutting-edge technology

GotPhoto’s shop offers the most advanced technology. We regularly enhance the system, so your platform is always growing, resulting in an increase of your photo sales.

Game-changing strategies

Consider GotPhoto as a business consultant. We are constantly developing new sales and marketing methods to help you grow your business and get ahead of the rest.

Your integration roadmap

Our integration team will have you selling fast, so you won’t
have to spend months before GotPhoto begins delivering the promised revenue

1. Free test shoot
  • Real-world trial with no strings attached
  • Start your test shoot within two days
  • Receive insightful revenue analysis
2. Analysis
  • Mapping of your current workflow
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Schedule integration milestones
3. Integration
  • Integration of your in-house production or external labs
  • Integration of existing software systems
  • Development of custom functionality
4. Roll-out and support
  • We train your photographers and staff
  • Personalized on-going support
  • We provide you with tools for customer acquisition

And we have the vision

GotPhoto reinvents school photography,
because we shoot for 100X greater – it’s in our values.

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