Portrait Tips to Improve Your Preschool Photography

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From acquisition to workflow to making preschool photography creative. GotPhoto has gathered some top tips and tricks from experienced preschool photographers to share with you.

Preparation and Organisation

1. Effective Workflow

High volume photography, whether it be preschool, school or sports portraiture can be stressful and time consuming if you don’t get it right!

Without an efficient workflow in place, you will find it unmanageable. This is where GotPhoto can help you!

  1. Upload your photos into your GotPhoto online shop
  2. Parents shop and pay online
  3. Labs produce and ship the photos


✔ Cut your admin effort in half by 50%
✔ Have more time to concentrate on what you do best: photography
✔ Have a better overview of your photography business
✔ Present your photos more professionally

2. Communication is key!

Preschool Staff

Communicate clearly with the preschool and secretarial staff in advance. Meet with them in person, be friendly, chat over a coffee. It’s important that they gain your trust and are fully aware how their photo day will turn out. Be their friend, not a hindrance and the day will run much more smoothly. For tips on how to acquire preschool jobs, download our Preschool Acquisition Cheat Sheet PDF


✔ Opportunity for repeat business
✔ Extra help on the day of the shoot

The Parents

Definitely don’t forget to communicate with the most important people – the parents! Send them information flyers before the shoot stating the date when the shoot will be. This way, they can make sure their child is clean and well-dressed. Stress that your photos will not be the classic, bland kind of preschool photo.


✔ Higher sales revenue per order
✔ Opportunity for repeat business
✔ Increase your brand awareness in the local area

Debunk some potential bad habits with this article on five photography myths you might still believe.

3. Pricing

If you make it apparent that your preschool portraiture is different from the typical, preschool photo and therefore is worth more investment, charge a price in the range of your portrait studio prices. Of course, don’t tell them it’s your portrait session price but rather a special rate for a special preschool. For more detailed tips, watch this video. 

On Location

1. How to interact with young children

Treat each child as a mini session and then you will create the most awesome shots. We recommend spending at least 5 minutes per child and taking around 40-50 shots. To get the most natural poses, make the children re-enact stories, play games and make funny voices to get natural expressions and cute giggles. Props can also be a great way to stimulate a smile from a young child, for example, big fluffy animals and musical instruments.

2. Photography Style

Take shots from different angles, sitting and aerial. Use creative backdrops which compliment a child of preschool age and if possible, always make use of natural light. Stay true to your portrait style. You want to be recognized for your unique style.


✔ Use your creativity
✔ Have fun
✔ Showcase your photography style


1. Thanking the preschool

Continue to maintain a strong relationship with the nursery, even after the photo day! Buy them a small gift as a thank you for their support.

2. Marketing to the Parents

Don’t cut off all communication with the parents once the shoot is over. Send email campaigns with GotPhoto’s professional preschool email templates. You can also resell your photos at a later stage, for example, offer special Christmas or Mother’s Day discounts.


✔ Parents know you as their child’s preschool photographer
✔ Chance to receive a constant flow of income, months after the shoot

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