Mid Fall Season Update!

Blog  »  News & Updates, October 25, 2018, Paula Houben

We hope that business is going well and know as school photographers, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Here are some of GotPhoto’s new features, which you may wish to add to your account or to jobs for the final portion of 2018.

Top Down Cropping

Starts the cropping from the top of the photo rather than from the centre. This feature will ease cropping mistakes that parents might make. This option can be found in the online shop settings.

Madatory Pack Sale

This feature allows the purchase of single items or Add-Ons only once a parent has added a pack to their cart (this option is available on request).

General Up-Selling

A feature many of you have been waiting for. You now have a variety of up-selling options on packages – available in your price profiles. Including tiered discounts in your job settings.

Upselling: Sell Individual Poses

You are now able to sell additional poses on the single pose pack so that your customer can create their packs as they like.

Hopefully the peak of the school season volume is over but we wish you all the best for the remainder and the run up to Christmas.

Paula Houben