Markus Posselt

Managing Director & Founder

Marco Beinbrech

Operations Director & Founder

David Bühn

Customer Success Director & Founder

Gustav Wellner Bou

Lead Software Developer & Founder

Theresa Glanzberg

Team Assistant

Thomas R.

Customer Happiness

Axel Gieseking

Customer Happiness

Torsten Krone

Team Lead Customer Success DE

Ilkka Pale


Ivan Toth


Julius Nadolny

Head of Customer Success

Rémi Filograsso

Graphic Design

Thibaut Leforestier

Country Manager FR

Jérôme Saïd

Customer Success Manager

Michael Baird

Business Development

Ana Walka

Recruiting Manager

Benedikt Greifenhofer

Finance Manager

Thomas Gottwald

Customer Happiness/Support

Thomas Berszieck

Head of Product Management

Eva Brüser

Team Lead Marketing

Hans-Christian Höpcke

Customer Success Manager DE

Marga K.

Customer Success Manager

Moe Abbas

Customer Success Manager

Matthew Breen

Sales Manager UK

Matthew Lassiter

Sales Manager US

Sara Feiner Solís

Junior Associate in Finance and Special Projects

Sophia Lelew

Intern Online Marketing

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Thousands of professional photographers use the brand leader in Germany to sell their photos to their customers. Over the past two years, has been expanding to also work with photographers in other countries.


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Building the global platform
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that define what we do and how we do it.

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29 cups

are always in use

9 languages

are spoken at GotPhoto

2.31 team events

on average per month

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